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Where deals get done. (Coming Q3 2024)

Find investors for deal sourcing and marketing for acquiring, investing, selling, raising, M&A advising, and financing.
Dealflow office

What is Dealflow

Acquiring & investing
Dealflow streamlines the process for private equity investors and strategic buyers to specify their investment criteria and receive matching opportunities from M&A advisors and company owners.
Selling & raising
Dealflow connects diverse financial investors and corporate acquirers, including private equity firms and boutique investors, to target investments in the lower middle market.
M&A advisory
Dealflow offers a personalized approach for business owners and executives to confidently select the right M&A advisor, starting with a survey and consultation, leading to a tailored shortlist of candidates, while ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality.

Find investors and advisors in all 50 states

How the software works
  • Buy-side sets investment criteria and sell-side inputs company details into a private research tool.
  • Dealflow's algorithms match buy-side criteria with sell-side offers, ranking them by relevance.
  • Sell-side reviews buy-side profiles for engagement, ensuring private direct communication and tailored deal opportunities.