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Finally, a deal portal that’s not for startups

You already know that the movement toward online capital formation is real. Consumer loans and small-company debt products, venture-stage equity, and private placements are increasingly being pitched on deal portals, social networks, and even through email solicitations. Yet until now, nobody has addressed the need to provide an online channel for institutional capital formation – a deal portal for “real” deals and “real” investors, so to speak.

While our technology may be complex, our premise is not: As companies reach beyond their personal networks to raise capital, we’re making the process easier by aggregating deal data and providing tools to reach high-quality, institutional investors. We aim to serve our clients with information about company financings and actively-marketed investment opportunities – just not startups. It’s that simple.

Our coverage universe

We compile information on companies engaged in actively-marketed fundraises and are not deemed to be a startup or angel-stage investment. Our data operations team scours the Internet, combs through social networks and regulatory filings, and taps into the deal communities we serve. If there’s a deal being marketed that falls in our research scope, we aim to know about it so our clients know about it.

We provide investors with insight into private operating companies raising capital. We concentrate our efforts on deals being marketed in the United States (although we’re compiling information on all types of transactions from all geographies). We are also launching multiple asset classes on our deal portal including private company loans, M&A opportunities, and public securities transactions.

Dealflow offers a new way to find and track companies raising cash or conducting other types of capital transactions. As a client, you set your own preferences so that every time a new deal hits the market, you’ll know about it. Email alerts, personalized company tracking, and advanced search tools mean you don’t have to rely on personal sources to find deals that interest you. This is the future of deal marketing and we’re making it easy to participate.

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