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About us

About us

Connecting the lower middle market.

Our vision is to become the most prominent online platform for the acquisition, sale, consultation, and financing of private businesses. To become the trusted, single platform by business owners and deal-making professionals for finding and connecting with new transaction partners.

Operating in the lower middle market in North America, Dealflow serves those who own, advise, or invest in these market segments. The platform is designed for private deal networks, providing tools for sourcing and marketing deals. These tools assist in discovering and executing transactions that align with specific criteria, ensuring that each deal is tailored to meet the needs of those involved.

Unlike public deal listing websites, Dealflow offers a unique approach where lower middle market transactions are conducted privately and confidentially. This ensures that members on the sell-side have full control over the process, maintaining confidentiality in deciding who to approach, how, and when.

The platform addresses a critical need in the middle market of the American economy, which has been hindered by capital inefficiencies. Recognizing that traditional methods like personal networks and informal meetings are outdated, Dealflow offers a modern solution. It facilitates a new way for quality companies, buyers, and investors to find each other and be discovered, marking a significant shift from the old ways of networking and deal-making.

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Our founders & leadership

Tom Grupa
Tom Grupa
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Tom Grupa
Paul Mazzola
Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer
Tom Grupa
Mac Lara
Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer